Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Ellucian Banner®
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Executive Summary

The EDW is a set of database objects and reporting assets that allow for point-in-time data snapshots of Banner data. These snapshots are then used for high-speed access and analytical processing to support longitudinal comparisons and trend analysis across multiple dimensions.

Banner analytic databases

Currently, the Ellucian Banner® Operational Data Store is the only installed piece of IDR, which provides reporting views of Banner data. However this data changes in concert with Banner, complicating trend or point-in-time analysis. We are also restricted by the time dimensions that are inherent in Banner, such as the academic or fiscal calendar. The EDW will allow us to define new time dimensions to support specific or complex reporting requirements.

Longitudinal reporting is typically done by comparing results over time like in a graph. This relies on the snapshots in the EDW to do an accurate and consistent analysis of the data. An example would be to compare the number of registered students in a department at week 1 for the last 5 years. This would be difficult to report on in the ODS due to registration data changing throughout a term.

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