About IDR

Integrated Data and Reporting (IDR) is responsible for developing and maintaining solutions for the University’s data storage and reporting needs. There are several projects on campus that fall within IDR’s domain, including: the implementation of a new technology infrastructure and data reporting tool; data stewardship activities, which include the development of a campus-wide dictionary for shared terms; and a communications plan to manage the communications regarding these services to the campus community.


Integrated Data and Reporting at the University of Oregon initially came about as a means to modernize and upgrade methods of data storage and reporting on campus. IDR’s primary goals included the following:

  • To reduce data storage redundancy
  • To make the data reporting process on campus more efficient and accessible.
  • To more fully integrate data storage and reporting into one comprehensive solution.

Prior to the launch of IDR, the University had a large redundancy of data stores and a slow, manual reporting process. There were multiple shadow databases creating and duplicating information that needed to be accessed, and most of these disparate systems were being maintained at the expense of their respective departments. At the same time, data reports on campus were generated manually by the IS department through hand-coded SQL requests to the database. It became clear that this would not be a viable practice in the long term because there was a high degree of unnecessary data storage redundancy and the reporting process was centralized and limited in scope.