Data Ownership

This subcommittee no longer exists. A list of current data owners can be found at

This subcommittee establishes authority over specific data contained with in the Data Warehouse.  Data owners control all aspects of their data including availability, update frequency, access and many other factors.  Some of the parameters this committee will evaluate include:

  • Who is the authority transferring data/ownership to the warehouse
  • What is the purpose of the data Access - Confidential Information is kept secure
  • Where data is received - warehouse name/location
  • When data is received - frequency, timeframe, duration
  • How data is received - transfer protocol, security
  • Does the data require cleansing - Customer / Vendor address verification, Industry codes
  • Validation method – method used, data sources, calculations
  • Data retention - regulation parameters for compliance, archiving requirement, governing organization Define where the data will be used – departments, user groups
  • Documentation of the data – field by field meanings
  • Virus Screening of outside data coming into the DW

The members of the Data Ownership subcommittee are: 

Owners Title Data
Sue Eveland University Registrar, Chair Student (CHAIR)
Linda King Associate Vice President for Human Resources HR
Moira Kiltie Assistant Vice President for Research Research
Haley Ruddell Archivist, College of Arts and Sciences  
Shawn Peterson Planning Analyst, Campus Planning and Real Estate Space
Kelly Wolf Director of Business Affairs and Controller Financial