ARW Quarterly Meeting - September 19, 2016

Notes taken by Travis Shea

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
    • The  project had its first functional and technical staff training, led by an Ellucian consultant. The purpose was to discuss and record the parameters and events necessary to capture and display the data from the ODS database to the EDW database for time-based reporting. The IDR Team will be working to prepare the development and test EDW enironments for use during the next training, beginning October 11th. The project will have a phased go-live with some targeted subject areas becoming available in mid January, that will include communications and trainings for involved parties.
  • New welcome screen in Cognos
    • Look into options for Cognos 11, look and feel, more useful to have a status page without welcome text.
    • We will review the suggestions and then adapt the welcome screen where appropriate.
  • Calendar of IDR projects
  • Cognos usage update
    • Trend of Cognos usage is continuing to increase with peak usage being in March and trailing off in June and July.
  • Proper testing data in Cognos Test - Donna Batson
    • Donna described the difficulty the report writers in Business Affairs have with developing reports in Cognos Test with the stale data in Banner Test. Her group would benefit from more recent refreshes in Banner Test, or for an instance of Banner that was refreshed more often and could have test data added. 
    • Jim Blick brought up the fact that in Student, people build new validations or other data in Banner Test first before building in Banner Prod. The general ledger data that Donna is needing for her reports is only created in Banner Prod. Stuart Mellor mentioned that he has staff that are doing something similar where they do not have the time to build in Banner Test and rebuild in Banner Prod. Perhaps a way to push data elements from Banner Test to Prod could benefit those staff that do not have the time to build twice. 
    • Travis will reach out to interested parties to begin a discussion for solving this issue.
  • Demo of bursting reports by Michael Walsh
    • Michael showed his use of reporting bursting in Cognos, which allowed him to use a query to populate parameter values to create output versions of the report which can be emailed. He offered to answer questions about how he did this and suggested people look at his reports in the "Enterprise Folders ‎> Advanced Report Writer Collaboration ‎> BAO MW ‎> @Burst Demos‬" folder.
  • New ARW Definition and Approval Process – Tony Saxman
    • Tony showed off the new ARW definition and approval process that has been approved by the IDR Steering Committee. He will be sending out the document to all of the ARW members for review. 
    • Teresa asked how we should recruit new ARW members as the numbers are dwindling. Tony recommended working with the data stewards to promote and recruit new ARW members.