System Health Status Reporting

IDR System Health Process

In order to ensure reporting accuracy and data integrity, UO Information Services (IS) has developed an internal system health reporting system. After the nightly refreshes of the Operational Data Store (ODS) are complete, a series of automated tests against the data is performed to reconcile and validate the data in the ODS against the originating data sources. These system reports are reviewed by IDR staff every morning between 8am and 9am. All other reports of errors or data inconsistencies will be classified, tracked, communicated, and resolved in the same manner. To view the current system health status go here:

IDR System Health Communication Plan

In the event that errors or data anomalies are discovered, the IDR staff will classify these issues based on a scale of severity. Issues classified as Level 1 (low severity) do not impact the validity of the data in ODS. A Level 1 classification indicates potential problem areas that will be investigated internally at IS. Since Level 1 issues do not adversely impact data in the ODS, Level 1 issues do not require communication with report users and report writers. Issues classified as Level 2 (moderate severity) have an adverse impact on isolated areas of the ODS. Level 2 instances will be reported by 9am each morning via the idr-status email list. A Level 2 email report will specify the areas affected by the errors, the estimated time for resolution (when available) and will be updated upon resolution. A Level 3 classification is indicative of widespread data errors affecting the entire ODS. In the event of a Level 3 instance, access to Cognos will be restricted until the issue is resolved. In addition, a notice will be sent out on the idr-status email list with an estimated time of resolution (when available) and the login page will be replaced with information regarding the outage that can be viewed at the Cognos URL ( When the Level 3 issue is resolved, access to Cognos will be restored and an email describing the issue and it’s resolution will be sent via the idr-status email list.