Reporting Roles

IBM Cognos Licenses/Roles

There are three different roles: Report User, Report Writer, and Advanced Report Writer. Each role is associated with a particular level of functionality.  Please visit the Getting Access page for information and forms for all roles and data areas.

The Advanced Report Writer role is restricted to a small group of people for whom the IDR Steering Committee provides oversight. The IDR Steering Committee advises people who are interested in the Advanced Report Writer license to use the Report Writer license for at least a month and to have a demonstrated business need that exceeds the capability of the Report Writer license before making a request to the IDR Steering Committee for the license.  A solid working knowledge of the Report Writer license is necessary if a user is going to be successful in using the Advanced Report Writer license.  Since the Advanced Report Writer license has a significant learning curve it is critical that people become thoroughly conversant with the Report Writer license first. In addition, users with an Advanced Report Writer license are required to contribute to Enterprise Report creation, attend quarterly meetings, serve as a resource to other Report Writers and assist with testing of reports and upgrades for Cognos, ODS/EDW upgrades.  There is no specific access form for the Advanced Report Writer license.

What you can do with the license: Report User Report Writer Advanced Report Writer 
Receive report outputs
Run reports built by others
Execute queries built by others
Ability to save reports to excel, pdf format
Use reports built by others to create a personal dashboard
Ability to create tabular reports  
Limited formatting capabilities  
Ability to use external data sources  
Ability to write/run ad-hoc queries  
Simple mathematical calculations  
Preview data  
Ability to add parameters/filters to reports  
Complex Mathematical Calculations    
Enhanced formatting capabilities    
Ability to format reports and subreports    
Ability to build drill through functionality in reports    


Capabilities that will NOT be distributed include the following:

  • Administrative responsibilities not specifically stated above.
  • Establishing connections to external data bases – External data source connections or inclusion will be created and maintained by UO IS and as defined by data owners.
  • Direct access to the folder structure in Production for the purposes of publishing packages or reports