HR Reports


Report Description

Instructional Pro Tem Positions with Budget

Provides a list of active instructional Pro Tem positions to assist in assessing use and potential reuse of current positions within the unit.  The list includes budget information, labor distribution, and relevant employment information for most recent incumbent.

Job Changes

Job change reasons by date for organization and time period.

Payroll by FOAPA Pulls payroll information by individual, including sick and vacation leave. Includes an adjusted encumbrance calculation that takes average leave into account.
Payroll Expense by Person Displays employees paid by year, pay number and timesheet organization. Amounts are grouped by earnings code, hours and rate.
TTF Review: Mismatched & Missing Data

Displays mismatched and missing data between HR and Department Records. Includes two reports: Missing Dept Review Data and Mismatched Dept Review Data.

TTF Review: Schedule by Review Type Displays completed and upcoming reviews for tenure-track and tenured faculty as entered in PWAREVW. Users may select reviews by academic year and/or review type. 
Employee FTE with Encumbrance Employee FTE with Encumbrance pulls actual and encumbered payroll data by Employee ID. It can be run at the Org Level, and will pull all Employee ID's associated with that Org. This report was developed primarily for academic units, but can be used across campus as a standardized FTE. FTE as a percentage is calculated both on a fiscal period basis, and an annual basis (fiscal year) 100% Fiscal Period FTE = Labor Distribution Hours / 173.33 (It is possible an hourly employee will not show as a full 100% depending on work days in a given month) 100% Summer FTE = Labor Distribution Hours / 520 100% 9month FTE = Labor Distribution Hours / 1560 100% Full Time FTE = Labor Distribution Hours / 2080 Encumbered FTE is calculated using encumbered amounts on the operating ledger and corresponding hourly rate. Attributable Leave FTE is taking the leave associated with a given Salary FTE and including it on the same row as the FOAPAL that the salary was charged to. 
Vacant Positions

Displays vacant position information by employee group or organization code.