IDR What's New for September 2017

September 2017 IDR Regular Communications

Hi IDR Users,

Here are some of the improvements and changes recently made available in IDR.

Cognos Analytics Upgrade

The IDR reporting tool, Cognos, will be upgrade to Cognos Analytics version 11 on Monday October 16th. For more information, please see

Finance Reports and Data Changes

  • Due to changes with the Blended OPE, Pay and Encumbrance logic was updated with the new rule classes. 
    • Operational Funds Reconciliation by Index
    • Operational Funds Reconciliation for Index by Activity Code Student Reports and Data Changes
    • Budget Status Organization Drill-Through Activity Detail Compensation 
    • Budget Status Organization Drill-Through Activity Detail Employee

Cognos Usage

The IDR Team is continually working to improve IDR. If you have any questions or feedback, please request our help via the UO Service Portal.