IDR What's New for May 2017

Hi IDR Users,

Here are some of the improvements and changes recently made available in IDR.

Student Reports and Data Changes

  • Report modifications
    • Undergraduate Majors
      • In response to user requests, the major and minor fields have been split into separate columns
      • Adviser data cleaned up for readability, departmental adviser description condensed
  • New reports
    • Undergraduate Majors with GPA
      • This report is the same as the Undergraduate Majors report, but with Cumulative GPA and Term GPA added
      • Note: Sensitive Student and Academic History security access is required to run this report

HR Reports and Data Changes

  • New Report
    • Payroll Expense by Person
      • Displays employees paid by year, pay number and timesheet organization. Amounts are grouped by earnings code, hours and rate

Cognos Usage

The IDR Team is continually working to improve IDR. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email