IDR What's New January 2018

Hi IDR Users,

Here are some of the improvements and changes recently made available in IDR.


Firefox Quantum (version 57)

For users of the Firefox web browser, a new version has come out that has some issues with Cognos Analytics when running reports. You might see the following error:

RSV-SRV-0003 The report specification contains an error at line 'xxx', column 'xxx'.Attribute '{}space' is not declared for element 'expression'

We recommend using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox ESR 52 as your web browser with Cognos.

Licensing and Resources

Information Services has been working with IBM to add more available license and resources to the Cognos environment to meet the growing demand of the service. These new license are expected to be available beginning next week. Any pending Cognos accounts will be fulfilled starting then. We will also add the additional resources to Cognos next week that should improve the user experience in running or developing reports.

Cognos Statistics


The IDR Team is continually working to improve IDR. If you have any questions or feedback, please request our help via the UO Service Portal.