IDR What's New for January 2017

Here are some of the improvements and changes recently made available in IDR.

Student reports and data changes

  • Class Roster by CRN / Class Roster by Subject
    • Added UO Email.
    • Changed first name to preferred first name.
  • Data modifications 
    • A piped field gathering all concentrations has been added to the Degrees UO query subject: ALL_DEGREE_CONCS.

Finance reports and data changes

  • New Enterprise Reports
    • Operational Funds Reconciliation by Index / Operational Funds Reconciliation for Index by Activity Code
      • This report will give you an overview of the index, showing budgeted amounts and year to date activity. It combines the following Banner reports: FWIBUDG, PWIFOAP and FGITRND. If you need to run an operational report with the activity code field “open” to include all activity codes please use the Operational Funds Reconciliation for Index by Activity Code report.

  • All 5 Year Budget and Activity Trend reports (4 reports)
    • Changed graphs to display top five amounts for readability.
  • Data modifications
    • Fiscal Period added to Payroll Distribution query subject in the HR and Finance package

Project news

  • 8.5 Metadata website has been updated to the latest version, while still retaining our modifications to data definitions.
  • Decommission of FIS Legacy Datawarehouse
    • Successfully migrated 106 users to Cognos from BI/Query.
  • Growth in IDR adoption
    • 453 Cognos users currently, an increase of 178 since going live with student data (Oct. 2015).