IDR What's New for April 2017

Hi IDR Users,

Here are some of the improvements and changes recently made available in IDR.

Student Reports and Data Changes

  • Report modifications
    • Class Schedules by Department (to UAT 4/25)

Finance Reports and Data Changes

  • Report modifications
    • New set of budget development and salary planner reports developed by the Budget and Resource Planning office. The data for these reports is pulled in real-time from Budget Development in Duckweb.
      • Base Budget to Proposed Budget Report FY18: Comparison report of Base Budget amounts and Proposed Budget amounts by FOAPAL elements with the variance calculated.
      • Employee Roster with Fringe Cost Report: This takes all active jobs in the current fiscal year and the salary associated with the contract on that job. This may include jobs which have ended and jobs which start at a future date within the fiscal year. Calculations are then made against the salary for the job to reduce by the leave percentage for the rate group the job lies in, then FY18 Blended OPE % is charged against the adjusted salary. The report pulls the most recent labor distribution for the job and shows what the cost would be for the unit by FOAPAL (adjusted salary+OPE charge).
      • Labor Budget by Position: This report replaces the pivot table we had to manually update every few hours during the budget season for units to see what positions/dollars were hitting their labor account codes in budget development from salary planner. This will allow units who may share a positions cost by LBD to see which units are posting budget dollars to their org and for what positions. ex. CAS has budget authority over position B98625, but splits the budgeted labor distribution between CAS and AAA. AAA can’t see this position in Salary Planner because they do not have budget authority over that position (based on budget org in NBAPBUD), so AAA could run this report to see why their labor dollars in budget development do not match what they see in Salary Planner.
      • OPE for Budget Development Entry: This report replaces an Excel tool we had last year (and had to manually update with new formulas and VBA…but it still was clunky and not user friendly for the units) for units to determine how much OPE and by FOAPAL to enter into budget development based on the salary amounts in salary planner. This report isolates only the salary lines (by excluding the leave funds) in order to calculate off the salary line the OPE to be entered. The calculations take into account the new blended OPE structure.

Project News

  • We are working hard to improve the service through report performance enhancements and service reliability
    • To improve report performance, we have allocated 20% more memory to the Cognos dispatcher servers
    • Service reliability has been improved by changing the load balancing technology that is more responsive to heavy loads (F5 load balancers).
  • We have also changed our project schedule to immediately begin work on the next Cognos upgrade that should bring vast improvements in the user interface and features. For more information, see

Cognos Usage

The IDR Team is continually working to improve IDR. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email