Data Definitions

The Data Definitions subcommittee manages the process that assures university-wide clarity and consistency of its data.  Some of the parameters they will evaluate include:

  • In-depth meaning of fields and surrounding parameters/circumstances
  • Folder Structure - Determine where data will reside
  • Naming Conventions – folder, table, column names (system id prefixes/suffixes)
  • Data Formatting - element lengths, masking (numbers, dates), justification, precision (decimal places)
  • Time Variance - When is the data updated? What should be considered about data used at certain times of the year.

The Data Definitions subcommittee members are:

Member Title
JP Monroe Director of Institutional Research (CHAIR)
Jim Blick Assistant Registrar for Statistical Reporting and Analysis
Peter Campbell Director of Information Systems, College of Arts and Sciences
Judy Duff Payroll Manager, Business Affairs Office
Stephany Freeman Senior Enterprise Data Asset Manager, Information Services
Stuart Laing Director of Budget Operations, Budget and Resource Planning