IDR Steering Committee Meeting – August 15, 2016



Action Items

Request to add student data to the Human Resources and Finance package

IS has received a request to provide a Cognos package that includes Finance, HR, and Student data (e.g. instructional assignment, schedule offering, meeting time, enrollment aggregate info).

Budget model changes that are currently being worked on will require more analysis of data across these areas.  Details of reporting needs are not known yet. 

JP, Peter, Laura, and Rocco will work together to determine what data and reports will be needed.

Request to add a function that resolves FOAPAL to current Index in Payroll packages for the transaction date /current index value

Peter said that it would be useful to add this to both the Payroll and Finance packages.  They would need to include the index as it was defined at the time of the transaction.   Peter also suggested some additional processing for activity codes that are coded using “GEN”.    This is more involved than the original request.    The group agreed to table this for now so more thought can be put into what is needed. 

Stuart, Mark, and Rocco will discuss this with the campus Budget Managers to get their input on needs.

Advanced Report Writer request - Erica Lambright in LCB

Discussed process for approval.  Advanced Report Writer (ARW) Group suggested that they approve these requests rather than the steering committee.  The steering committee would like to continue to handle the approvals.

Erica’s request was approved.  Noreen will notify her and provide more information on expectations for ARWs.

Update on FIS DWHS access dependencies and sun-setting of service

Users who responded to the survey indicating they were no longer using the FIS DWHS have had their access removed.  IS is planning to notify users who did not respond to the survey that their access will be removed unless they provide a justification for keeping it.

Noreen will work with the Account Administrators in IS to complete the notifications to users who did not complete the survey.

Target date for HRIS DWHS sunsetting

HR is still relying on the legacy HRIS DWHS.  Payroll is also still using it.  Noreen mentioned that the Grants office also relies on it for their grant management application.  Target date to sunset HRIS DWHS will be December 2017.

The group suggested targeting December 2017 for the SIS DWHS as well, but we need to consult with Sue Eveland on this.

Noreen will follow up with Sue Eveland about sunsetting date for SIS DWHS.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) planning

The kick-off call is scheduled for Monday, August 22.  The first on-site training/consulting activity is scheduled for September 12 – 14.