Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was formed at the start of the IDR Project to identify and document the University of Oregon's diverse data reporting and storage needs. Members were chosen to represent all areas of the institution, and tasked with engaging the appropriate people to build an inventory of existing departmental systems, data and reports, as well as to identify any unmet reporting needs and data integration points. This effort concluded in 2011, when the IDR Steering Committee began their work of implementation.

The members of the Advisory Committee:

Member Title Department Area of Coverage

Jim Blick

Assistant Registrar, Statistical Reporting and Analysis

Office of the Registrar

Enrollment Management/Student Data, Academic Advising

Stephanie Bosnyk

Assistant Dean for Operations

Lundquist College of Business

College of Business, Law, Journalism

Peter Campbell

Director of Information Systems

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Amber Garrison Duncan

Interim Director, Student Affairs Assessment and Research Director

Family Programs and Commencement

Student Affairs

Stephen Kevan



CAS Academics

Moira Kiltie

Assistant Vice President for Research

Research And Faculty Development

Research and Graduate School

Linda King

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources, Affirmative Action, Unclassified Personnel (UPS)

Lauren Lindstrom

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Research

Family and Human Services

Faculty (College of Education), Clark Honors College, Music

Mary Ellen Mansfield

Assistant Athletic Director-Budget & Business Services

Intercollegiate Athletics


JP Monroe

Director of Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Shawn Peterson

Planning Analyst

Campus Planning and Real Estate

Space and Facilities

Hal Sadofsky

Associate Professor Mathematics


CAS Academics

Christine Theodoropoulus

Associate Professor; Dept Head


Architecture & Allied Arts

Kelly Wolf

Dir Bus Affairs and Controller

Business Affairs Office

Financial Systems, Public Safety (DPS), Printing and Mailing Services, Purchasing and Contracting (PCS)

Laura Hubbard

Associate Vice President for Budget & Finance

Budget and Resource Planning

IDR Steering Committee Representative

Brad Shelton

Vice Provost Budget & Planning

Senior Vice President And Provost

IDR Steering Committee Representative, Study Abroad, International Affairs, Alumni Association, Development, Foundation, Communications, Legal, Academic Extension, Hosted Systems, Library, Museums, The Bach Festival, LERC

Randy MacLeod


Infolink IDR Project Manager (until June 2012)


IDR Steering Committee Representative