Charter Statement

The goal of the University of Oregon’s Integrated Data & Reporting is to substantially increase the University’s capacity for campus-wide analytics and reporting, based on more reliable, easily accessible and secure data for all areas of the institution. The foundation for this will be new integrated data models that provide more information in a meaningful and concise format. Most importantly, it will provide powerful new tools for reporting and analysis.

Members of the Advisory Committee were chosen to represent the reporting needs of all areas of the institution. Each member was responsible for engaging the appropriate people to build an inventory of existing departmental systems, data and reports, as well as identify any reporting needs and data integration points that are not currently being met. This effort concluded in 2011 although the IDR Steering Committee continues to accept input from the UO community. The resulting inventory will directly influence the quality of the information we will have available in the future. It was, therefore, vital that the results be as comprehensive as possible.