How do I get access to the IDR data warehouse?

Before you begin, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the kind of reports that can be run in UO Cognos, the IDR access model, the areas of data that can be accessed, and the reporting roles available. You may also wish to review the list of contacts who can help you through the various stages of this process.

  1. Confirm with your supervisor that you require access to the IDR data warehouse and determine whether you will be expected to run reports (Report User) or write reports (Report Writer) and the area(s) of data you require access to. 
  2. To gain access, complete the appropriate forms:
    Data You Require Form Required
    Student, Financial,
    and HR Core Data                                                   

    UO IDR Access Form - Core Data

    Sensitive Student Data

    UO IDR Access Form - Student Data

    Prerequisite: If you do not already have an active IDR/Cognos account with Core Data access, the UO IDR Access Form - Core Data form must be submitted at the same time.

    Private and Sensitive
    Finance & HR Data                

    UO IDR Access Form - Finance and HR Data

    Prerequisite: If you do not already have an active IDR/Cognos account with Core Data access, the UO IDR Access Form - Core Data form must be submitted at the same time.

  3. Submit the form(s) to your Dean or Department Head for approval signature.
  4. If requesting access to more than core data, route the form(s) to the appropriate data owner(s) for review. Most users will need only core data to perform their tasks.

When your request has been approved by your department head (and if needed by the appropriate data owner/s), and the form is received by UO accounts administrators, your account will be created.

If you already have an IDR account and would like to schedule a Report User or Report Writer class, please click here to visit UO Making Tracks and register for upcoming courses.

For information on gaining access to administer a departmental folder, please see the Departmental Folder page.


The results you see on any Cognos report will be filtered by the information for which you are approved. For example, if a report contains a Vendor Mailing address (MA) and you are not approved for Vendor Mailing addresses, that information will be blank on your report.

Core Data
Core Data includes non-sensitive Finance, HR, and Student information.

Finance and HR Data
Sensitive Finance includes bank and collection agency data
Private Finance includes SSN, tax ID, and bank account information
Sensitive AR includes charges, payments, disbursements, deposits, holds, degree, ethnicity, race, veteran status, athletics, visa, and tax
Prviate AR includes tax ID
Sensitive HR includes ethnicity, race, citizenship, veteran status, benefits, deductions, visa, taxes, elaves, degrees, employment history, and academic outcomes
Private HR includes tax ID and beneficiary tax ID

Contact Information Displayed on Finance and HR Reports
Core Contact Information
(included with access)
Employee UO address, phone, and email
Vendor Orders (VO), Vendor Payments (VP), and Vendor Remit (VR) address, phone, and email
Common Employee & Vendor
(includes Core Contact)
Employee Mailing (MA) and Permanent address (PA), phone, and email
Vendor Mailing (MA) and Permanent address (PA), phone, and email
All Employee & Vendor
(includes Core Contact)
All Employee contact information
All Vendor contact information
Student Student unmasked name, ID number, mailing (MA) and permanent address (PA), phone, and UO email

Student Data
Sensitive Student Data includes general student info, registration, person information, and majors
Admissions Data includes UG and GR Applicant data
Academic History Data includes student transcript, advisor, grades, GPA
Athletics Data includes student sports information
Holds Data includes student hold information
Sensitive Person Details include date of birth, race, ethnicity, tax ID, deceased status
International Data includes passport, sponsor information
Veterans Data includes certification, and veteran history information
Withdrawals Data includes enrollment withdrawal information



Data Areas and Ownership:

Data Data Owners
Core Data* Property of All Data Owners


Mark McCulloch, Asst Dir IS, Business Affairs

Human Resources

Sonia Potter, Director, Unclassified Personnel Services


Sue Eveland, Registrar

* Core Data includes non-sensitive Finance, HR and Student information